12 Month SMSF Makeover Service

Do you have an SMSF and tired of the complexity or administration?

Common issues that we witness with SMSF’s that are out of shape include:

  • Is your portfolio performing to expectations?
  • Is your Trust Deed compliant with your investments and future strategies?
  • Do you have an updated Investment Strategy documented?
  • Is life insurance reviewed and considered as well as documented?
  • Have you considered borrowing with your SMSF for direct property investments?
  • Have you documented your estate planning wishes for the SMSF assets?
  • Does your SMSF strategies align with your personal retirement objectives?


Over a 12 month period, each month we can provide you with an SMSF Makeover service to give you clarity, control and confidence that your self managed super fund is back in shape, meets compliance standards and ready to make your retirement savings work hard.

Call Mark on 9521-2644 to discuss how our 12 month makeover service can assist you.