2nd Opinion Service

Often we will see clients that have an SMSF and they are unsure of what value an adviser can bring, or alternatively, they have an adviser but lack certainty that their portfolio of assets is performing well enough.

This is why we offer you a Free 2nd Opinion Service.

There is no obligation, no hard sell – guaranteed (and we never operate in that fashion….ever!).

What we will do is provide you with hard facts.

Using analysis from third party research companies such as ChantWest and Morningstar, we will measure your Fees and Performance with the market benchmark.

This will be free of charge.

Sure, we will provide you with our feedback of pro’s and con’s of your current situation, and what choices we believe may be worth consideration.

All it will cost you is the time to discuss your SMSF.   Call us on 9521-2644 or email to book in a time.