Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Whether you are considering the establishment of a new Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), overhaul of your existing SMSF or considering whether it’s worthwhile to retain it, we can provide you with an objective opinion with all the pro’s and con’s.


We have experts in each field of administering a self managed super fund, from accounting, auditing that we can refer you to.

Many of our clients within the Sutherland Shire describe the key features of Self Managed Super Funds being three key benefits:-

  1. Clarity:  They have a clear understanding of what they are investing their retirement savings into.
  2. Control: This is often the key driver for SMSF establishment.  The trustees get to control their options, choices and assets within the SMSF.
  3. Confidence: With transparency and involvement with the fund, trustees become confident that their investments are working in their best interest, and heading in the direction towards their goals.

Our team can provide you with expert insights into investment management, asset class choices and aligning your SMSF with your retirement plans in the future.

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